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Why You Will Fail Without a Career Action Plan

Over the years I have reached out and interviewed several successful sales managers about the job hunting process. My first question to these managers was what is the biggest mistake you see job candidates making [...]


Don’t Be Forgettable – WOW! Them

I am a big fan of the TV show Shark Tank. This show allows entrepreneurs to pitch their business or business ideas to a panel of four to five potential investors. The entrepreneurs are hoping that the investors will [...]


Having the Right Mindset to Help You WIN Big

Recently I found myself captivated by 2012 summer Olympics. This is the ultimate stage of competition where athletes put it all on line. A lifetime of preparation, hard work and sacrifice comes down to [...]


Why You Should Consider a Career in Sales

Economic instability has made finding a job for many a very difficult task. While discouragement, frustration and heartache enter the lives of many out of work the hard reality is that these individuals are [...]